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Working with a recruiter

The Recruiter's job:

To work with client companies and candidates bringing together the needs and talents of both to fill an open company position.

Use your Recruiter as:

  • an expert advisor and resource.
  • a member of your personal job search network.

Choose a Recruiter who:

  • works with specialists.
  • deals with the level and type of position you want.
  • has a stellar reputation.
  • passes a reference check.
  • has the resources of a proven recruiting firm to support him / her.

Maintain a relationship with your Recruiter by:

  • giving information updates.
  • having periodic contact.
  • expecting a give-and-take relationship.

Avoid Recruiters who:

  • show unethical behavior.
  • charge a fee for their service.
  • release your resume without permission.
  • have a personal chemistry that doesn't click with yours.
  • are not experienced.
  • are not affiliated with a proven search firm.

The following is a list of steps we take to ensure a timely and effective search:

  • Develop an understanding of the job specifications that most accurately portray the scope of the position and it’s relation to the client’s objectives.
  • Develop a strategy that targets potential sources of qualified candidates.
  • Identify and assess candidates whose backgrounds and accomplishments are relevant to the open position.
  • Evaluate and recommend finalists to the client.
  • Arrange or assist in arranging candidate interviews and provide post interview debriefing.
  • Assist in formalizing an offer of employment.
  • Assist in candidate transition to new employer.
  • Contact the client to review the placement monthly for the first 90 days of employment.